Simply put, we get things built. While fascinated by architectural theory, SAI is more interested in the practical application of design and the necessity of getting things done. 

We start with practicality in design. SAI specializes in custom residential and resort development with a strong emphasis on sustainable design, construction, and facility operations. Designing effective buildings for the harsh climate and sensitive environment of the Rocky Mountain West demands a response which relates to the natural world – for instance, we strive to capture the sun’s energy and surrounding views in all of our designs, while providing essential protection from the elements. This careful consideration of the relationship between the natural and built environment allows greater energy and cost efficiency in the long run for our clients.

 We are also practical in our process. We capitalize on the long-standing relationships we have built with consultants in all aspects of the trade to ensure our designs work. Our down-to-earth approach and informed expertise allow us to then simplify the complex design, permitting, and construction processes that make a project successful. For over 23 years, we’ve been listening to our clients and anticipating needs, capturing opportunities to help visions come to life within the realities of budget and schedule.