Welcome to our blog! Since this is our first post, we think it’s fitting to tell you a little about us and why we do what we do. Before we can answer the why though, let’s talk about what we do. Most people know architects design buildings. Fairly simple, right? We draw pictures that at some point become construction documents that contractors eventually (hopefully) turn into a building. Pretty straightforward or so it appears from the outside. We as designers, however, like to think we take this to a deeper level. Without getting too philosophical, most of us strive to create meaningful spaces that have an impact on those who get to experience them. Equally important to this is that a space functions well. You can create something that looks cool, but if it doesn’t serve its purpose well, then we aren’t doing our job. There are building codes, structural criteria, local guidelines – so on and so forth – that provide the framework for how a building is designed, but we have to find balance between the required “science” of a building and the “art” that propels it to architecture. Merely touching the surface on architecture, this at least gives a little background on what we work towards.

So, as architects, what is it that drives us? Why do we come to work everyday? For me personally, and I think I can speak for my colleagues in this matter, it’s all about relationships. Period. We have the pleasure of working in one of the most beautiful places on earth and this attracts like-minded people who embrace that beauty. Lucky for us, some of these people become our clients and we have the opportunity to continue building on what mother nature has already begun. One of the most fulfilling parts of our job is when we get to know our clients well enough that we are able to help them realize their dreams through the built environment here in the mountains. People come to us with images or stories about experiences and we help turn those ideas into a home or project they appreciate for years to come. Above any money or award, when a client expresses appreciation for what we help them achieve, we rest easy with those words of gratitude we get to take home. Whether it’s the relationship we are able to grow with a client or those that come out of experiences through work we generate, this brings us satisfaction of a job well done.

At the end of the day, we are constantly building relationships that matter with clients, contractors, and our community and that’s why we practice architecture here in Breckenridge. And we love the work-life balance our own work affords us. The joy that comes from riding your bike through the trees on a blue bird day or the excitement of watching your child scream down their first black run – these are just great things we get to piggy back in our line of work in the mountains. Don’t get me wrong – we love to design and create works of art – but it’s when our projects have a positive impact on the lives of people and places around us that we feel good about the work we do.